Alimed TR2 Patient Alarm with Universal Bariatric Alarm Strap


TR2 Patient Alarm with Universal Bariatric Alarm Strap

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Product Description

Comes with break away lap cushion.. TR2 Patient Alarm is all new with advanced tamper-resistant features not found on other alarms.. New rubber edge bumpers provide greater drop protection, enhancing resilience and reliability.. The settings switches under the tamper-resistant, screw-lock battery cover enable a clinician to select volume, type of alarm signal, and delay times.. The TR2 has concealed dual reset buttons that must by pressed in unison, making it almost impossible for residents to reset.. However, the TR2 automatically resets if the resident returns to a safe position rather than rising.. This reduces false alarms by effectively reminding the resident to remain seated until assisted.. The alarm has separate low battery warning, active status, and alert indicator lights.. The TR2 also features an integrated nurse call adapter jack socket and includes four AA batteries.. This revolutionary early warning bed monitoring system allows patients full freedom of movement while in bed.. They can roll from side to side or even sit up without triggering an alarm.. Also, it's simple and effortless for patients to remove the strap.. Just slip a hand in the yellow E-Z Release front loop handle and pull to release.. The instant a patient tries to get out of bed by disengaging the first 3" of hook-and-loop closure, an audible alarm sounds to alert staff and to remind the patient that he/she must remain |in bed until assisted.. The loud alarm will automatically reset if the patient re-engages the closure.. It will continue to sound if the patient releases the additional 12" of hook-and-loop closure before getting out of bed, allowing more time for your staff to respond.. Durable, blue fabric is comfortable to wear and protects delicate skin.. Equipped with the advanced TR2 Tamper-Resistant Patient Alarm with “Always On!” technology—staff can't forget to switch it ON and patients can't switch it OFF!.

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