Schiller Cardiovit MS-2010 ECG


Cardiovit MS-2010 ECG

By Schiller MFG Part #: 9-090000C SKU: SCH9-090000C

Prepare to be wowed at your first encounter and for a similar sensation every time you use it. MS-2010 is designed for large volumes of work – in hospitals where the ECG volume is high and speed and quality are paramount.

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Product Description

See and Touch The Quality!

See the new SCHILLER MS-2010 and get a clear sense of the future of cardiography – uniting precision, performance and sophisticated ergonomics!

MS-2010 is designed for large volumes of work – in hospitals where the ECG volume is high and speed and quality are paramount. Simply touch the large (10.4 in) high-resolution color display and you’re in business – recording, selecting and printing the highest quality ECGs faster than you can imagine. Since MS-2010 exports ECGs in XML, PDF and DICOM format, you can transmit recordings to any system that supports this industry standard. From accurate and complete data entries to comprehensive data fields that prompt users to collect required information, every detail of MS-2010 is designed to streamline ECG testing. And when you’re  responsible for hundreds of ECGs across miles of hospital terrain every day, attention to detail makes all the difference.


Advanced processing... no waiting:  

  •  Instant start-up provides immediate availability
  • ECG processed, interpreted and printed in less than 3 seconds after acquisition


Synchronize time:

Auto set the MS-2010 time with your hospital time master to obtain accurate documentation of your patient’s clinical history.


Fast entry:

Enter patient data quickly and accurately as you choose: type on touch screen keyboard or scan the bar code. You can also download patient data and orders from a worklist via SEMA or HIS.


Clinical excellence:
Get complete clinical information with the SCHILLER Interpretation software with thrombolysis software or with advanced ECG tools such as SAECG or HRV.

Never miss a beat:
Capture and store 5 minutes of uninterrupted 12-lead data to document intermittent arrhythmias.


High-volume storage:

  • Storage of up to 350 ECGs
  • Full disclosure storage of up to 5 minutes for easy acquisition of clean and stable ECG traces.


One-touch workflow:

MS-2010 can be configured to automatically print, save, transfer, and retrieve a previous ECG – at the touch of a button.


Stay connected:
Built on a s standard platform, the MS-2010 fits seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure – so that you are always connected.


    • 10.4 in high-resolution color display.
    • One of the most advanced networking support found in any electrocardiograph.
    • Instant-on and ECG printout in less than 3 seconds.
    • First high-end electrocardiograph to support DICOM standard.

  • The spirometry software in the MS-2010 meets your demands for more flexibility and efficient workflows in the daily routine. The MS-2010 is available with two types of flow sensors.

  • – SPIROVIT SP-250 (disposable) requires no volume calibration, no cleaning, no risk of cross contamination due to unique sensor technology

  • – SPIROVIT SP-260 (reusable) requires calibration, very easy to clean

  • Our SPIROVIT sensors are accurate and provide reproducible measurements as certified by the ATS (American Thoracic Society) or ERS (European Respiratory Society), the internationally recognised body for spirometry performance.

  • The easy-to-use and highly reliable MS-2010 combining spirometry and ECG is the essential tool for today’s healthcare professional.


  • The following programs are available:

  • – Slow spirometry (SVC) (VCin, VCex, VCmax, ERV, IC, VT, IRV, MV, BF, TI, TE, ...)

  • – Forced spirometry (FVC) (FVCin, FVC, FEV1, FEV6, PEF, FEV1/FVC, FEF50, FEF75, PIF, ...)

  • Flow-volume loop and volume-time loop

  • – Maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV)

  • – Interpretation programs

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