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IV Flush Syringes

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Product Description

10 usp units/ mL , 5 mL fill in 10 mL C pre-filled heparin lock, BD Luer-Lok flush syringe. (NDC #08290-3065-09) (30/sp, 120/ca)

BD PosiFlush Pre-Filled Syringes provided convenient, reliable, cost-effective alternatives to vial-based systems. Use BD PosiFlush and strengthen your IV catheter maintenance practices.

Enhance Healthcare Worker Safety

Completely eliminate needles that may still be used to fill syringes with flush solutions.
Eliminate glass vials and cartridges.
Compatible with all needleless IV access systems.

Improve Clinician Work Flow and Productivity

Reduce clinician steps and time required to prepare flush syringes.
Reduce acquisition, storage, distribution and disposal costs for the multiple components currently required to flush IV sites.
Eliminate waste associated with saline and heparin vials.
Reduce sharps collector waste up to 1/2 compared to conventional 12mL syringes.1

Reduce Medical Errors and Complications

Eliminate potential cross-contamination associated with multi-dose containers.
Minimal product manipulation provides fewer opportunities for breaks in aseptic technique.
Preservative-free saline, suitable for use with all patient populations.

BD's Pre-Filled Flush Syringes provide a fully integrated system designed to satisfy all your Flushing needs …

Sterile contents and fluid pathway.
BD PosiFlush syringes are terminally sterilized for highest SAL.
Saline syringes are latex free.
Syringes and shelf cartons are color-coded for easy identification of syringe contents
10ml syringes lower injection pressures for increased patient safety.2
Compatible with all needleless IV access systems.

Improve Clinical and Technical Proficiency

Comply with PICC manufacturer instructions by standardizing flush protocols with 10 mL syringes for lower flush pressure.
Improve flushing proficiency with BD's Blunt Plastic Cannula.3
Comply with INS Standard #56 that encourages the use of single-dose flushing systems,"4… as well as with the CDC which strongly encourages use of single dose flushing systems to reduce the risk of contamination".5

1Data on file at BD.
2Conn, Carolina, RN, BA, BSN, OCN, The Importance of Syringe Size When Using Implanted Vascular Access Devices. JVAN, Volume 3, No. 1
3Data on file with FDA.
4Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice, Journal of Intravenous Nursing, Volume 23, No. 6S, November/December, 2000.
5ISMP Medication Safety Alert, Volume 5, Issue 12, June 14, 2000.

BD PosiFlush pre-filled syringes are manufactured in accordance with the applicable provisions of 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) including Good Manufacturing Practices (GGMP) and Quality Control requirements

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UPC Code: 30382903065104

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